Emmett Franz

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Emmett Franz

Dobroist, Composer, Musical Genius, Adopted Brother for Matt

Emmett Franz is the newest member to The Petersens and fits perfectly with the band with his values and musical style. Emmett grew up playing music with his family, The Franz Family, touring professionally with them for 20 years. Emmett started playing the dobro at the age 14 and has since become one of the most accomplished dobro players in the country. The dobro is an uncommon instrument mostly seen in bluegrass and country and Emmett manages to take the instrument to a whole new level with his exceptional taste and imagination. He is by far one of the greatest dobro players currently performing and his music is available on his website and through Spotify. Emmett began playing with The Petersens in 2017 and they could not be more honored to have him as a full-time member of the band. When not playing music, Emmett is usually found dominating on the volleyball courts. Emmett doesn’t have a personal YouTube channel, but there are multiple videos of him with his family and other artists like Chelsea Moon. This one is a personal favorite.

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