Karen Petersen aka Get It, Mama

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Karen Petersen aka Get It, Mama

Bass Player, Mother, Band Chaplain

Karen Petersen is the mother of the Petersens and a true saint. Karen is from Mountain Grove, MO and music has always been a part of her life. She played the trumpet through her school years and received her Masters in Music Education from Oklahoma University. She met her husband, Jon, through Campus Crusade for Christ and followed him around in the Air Force for over 23 years. Many people ask how we learned to play music and most of it can be credited to this talented lady. Her comprehensive knowledge of music helped all of us as we began learning to play instruments, sing in tune, and sing harmony parts. Karen began as the band’s mandolin player but switched to bass when Julianne started to learn in 2017. Beyond her epic bass playing, she helps Katie chart out the songs for our band rehearsals and pick out harmony lines. Back in her mandolin days, audience members began a fan club for her called “Get It, Mama!” and enjoy encouraging her by yelling that throughout the show when she plays the bass. The fan club lives on today and you can join the official fan club on Facebook, click here, or give her a fun shout out when you see us at a live show. When not playing groovy licks on the bass, you can find Karen reading a book and drinking hot tea.

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