Julianne Petersen

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Julianne Petersen

Mandolin Player, Eye Roller, Dimple, Vlog Specialist

Julianne Petersen is the baby of the family and has been the full-time mandolin player since 2017. Julianne started off playing the fiddle and clogging on stage when the band started in 2005 and has always been an audience favorite. (See a video of her dancing here.) Julianne has worn many hats for our family through the years and even ran sound and lights for them at the young age of eight! Julianne is also the reason many of you have found us on YouTube. She has championed our journey of documenting our travels and creates entertaining vlogs of our trips on a separate YouTube channel that gives a fun insight into our family life. Julianne currently attends John Brown University and is studying English Literature. The easiest way to make Julianne your friend is through chocolate.

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