By: Ellen Haygood | Sep 16, 2022

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Bear Tracks

by The Petersens | Finally Going Home

Join the movement!

One of the first songs Julianne learned as a part of The Petersens was the bluegrass song, Bear Tracks. The Petersens released Julianne’s cover of the song on their album, Finally Going Home, and it has been a fan favorite ever since.

For many years, our Patreon community and the people of YouTube have been requesting Julianne revisit the song of her youth, but to everyone’s dismay, she has stayed strong in her refusal. Now that Julianne is taking a small break from the band to finish her college studies, we have decided it is time to rally the people and create a movement to Bring Back Bear Tracks!

How You Can Help

  1. Spread awareness
  2. Play Bear Tracks on your favorite media outlet.
  3. Represent your favorite bear tracks apparel

Please note that this campaign is all in good fun. We have loved the inside jokes from our wonderful community through the years and this seemed like the perfect one to stand behind.

Julianne, if you are reading this, we love you and hope all your classes are going well! <3 Also, I AM SORRY BUT THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!


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Ellen Haygood

Ellen puts her master’s degree in marketing to work serving as the band’s full-time marketer. She also sings and plays banjo, which she did on season 14 of American Idol, making it all the way to the top 48. In January of 2020, Ellen married Michael Haygood of The Haygoods, another performing family in Branson.

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