By: Ellen Haygood | Dec 5, 2022

Have someone you think would enjoy hanging out with The Petersens on Patreon? You can give a monthly or annual membership as a gift!

Patreon hasn’t developed an easy way to do this yet from the platform, but we have you covered in just a few easy steps.

Option A:

Step 1: Give them money (Venmo, cash, classic check, etc.) along with our gift certificate (links below). There’s a tier for every monthly budget: The Fan: $3 | The Manager: $10 | The Producer: $25 | The Artist: $50 | The Band: $100 (*you get a month free with annual subscriptions!)

Step 2: Reward yourself with a cup of coffee or tea knowing that you are about to make someone very happy.

Option B:

Step 1: Head to our Patreon page at

*If you are already a Patron, make sure you sign out of your account first.

Step 2: Decide which tier to purchase.

Step 3: Create a NEW Patreon account for the recipient to use as a patron.

  • Enter the name, email, and password for the person you’d like to gift the Patreon Membership to in order to create an account for them.
  • Make sure to write down the login information so you can pass this along.
  • Patreon will send a confirmation to the email address you enter. If you’re trying to surprise somebody, or are unsure what email to use, you can always create a new email address to be used specifically with this Patreon account to share as well. 
  • Enter Country, State & Zip Code and payment information. 
  • It will ask you for a Shipping Address. Depending on what tier you choose, the recipient may receive benefits in the mail. Every patron receives our annual Christmas so make sure you put something in. We also use the mailing addresses to help us determine where to tour in the United States so you could be helping us travel to do a show near your friend! 

Step 4: Give the gift certificate to the recipient (links below).

Step 5: Log in to Patreon and change the email address to the recipient’s email. Just delete your credit card from the account when you’d like them to begin paying their way.

Thanks for introducing us to new friends!

Download our gift certificates here:

Printable Gift Certificate | Canva (Customizable with a free Canva account. Replace all the x’s with the correct names.)

The Show Must Go On

We really do have the best fans in the world and your support means the world to us. Connect with us on Patreon where you’ll find special performances, fun surprises, and hear new music first.

Let’s band together.

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Ellen Haygood

Ellen puts her master’s degree in marketing to work serving as the band’s full-time marketer. She also sings and plays banjo, which she did on season 14 of American Idol, making it all the way to the top 48. In January of 2020, Ellen married Michael Haygood of The Haygoods, another performing family in Branson.

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