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Track List:

  1. The Ballad of John and Becky
  2. Good Day to be Missing You
  3. It’s Over
  4. California Cottonfields
  5. She’s Got You
  6. Shenandoah
  7. Prodigal Son
  8. Fields of Gold
  9. With the Spirit of the Lord Inside
  10. The Ring Song
  11. California

  • Description

    The Album

    Shenandoah is the latest bluegrass album by The Petersens. The album contains a mixture of original songs, gospel acapella, country favorites, and, of course, hard-driving bluegrass. For more background information on the making of Shenandoah, click here. The Petersens are extremely proud of their project and excited to share their hard work with you.

    Discography of Shenandoah

    The album was produced by John Chapman and engineered by Bill Chapman, both members of the award-winning Chapmans. The album was mastered by Van Atkins from Crossroads Recording Studios. The instrumentation on the project is as follows: Guitar – John Chapman, Mandolin – Jeremy Chapman, Bass – Jason Chapman, Fiddle – Katie Petersen, Banjo – Ellen Petersen. Vocals on all the tracks are by Katie, Ellen, Matthew, and Julianne Petersen.

    Song Credits

    The Ballad of John and Becky
    Songwriter: Ellen Petersen
    © Ellen Petersen/ASCAP
    CD Baby Publishing

    It’s a Good Day to be Missing You
    Songwriter: Katie Petersen
    © Katie Petersen/ASCAP
    CD Baby Publishing

    It’s Over
    Songwriters: Ellen Petersen & Katie Petersen
    © Ellen Petersen/ASCAP
    CD Baby Publishing

    California Cottonfields
    Songwriters: Dallas Frazier and Earl Montgomery
    © Sony/Atv Acuff Rose Music
    RCA Victor

    She’s Got You
    Songwriter: Hank Cochran
    © Hank Cochran
    Sony/Atv Tree Publishing

    Public domain

    Prodigal Son
    Public domain

    Fields of Gold
    Songwriter: Sting
    © Emi Blackwood Music Inc. Obo
    Magnetic Publishing Ltd.

    With the Spirit of the Lord Inside
    Songwriter: Mark Bishop
    © Possum Run Music/BMI
    Centergy Music/BMI

    The Ring Song
    Songwriter: Katie Petersen
    © Katie Petersen/ASCAP
    CD Baby Publishing

    Songwriter: Katie Petersen
    © Katie Petersen/ASCAP
    CD Baby Publishing

    Album Credits:
    Lead and Harmony Vocals: Katie Petersen, Ellen Petersen, Matt Petersen, and Julianne Petersen
    Guitar: John Chapman
    Mandolin: Jeremy Chapman
    Fiddle: Katie Petersen
    Banjo: Ellen Petersen
    Upright Bass: Jason Chapman
    Ukulele: Katie Petersen
    Trumpet: Karen Petersen

    Producer: John Chapman
    Sound Engineer: Bill Chapman – DigiGrass Studios, Ozark, MO
    Mastered by Van Atkins at Crossroads Music

    All rights reserved.
    © The Petersens 2017

    A Note to Our Fans
    The Petersen family would like to dedicate this album to Gary and Janie Mahon and the rest of the local section at the Little Opry Theater for loving and supporting us through the years.

    Photography: Aaron Clark Photography
    Album Design: Austin Meyer

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    Dimensions 5.5 × 5 × .25 in


7 reviews for Shenandoah

  1. Neal Guentzel (verified owner)

    Another Must Have for The Petersens Fan. Shenandoah is another, early CD of The Petersens; this time from 2017. The previous CD, “Finally Going Home” was actually released in 2012, not 2014 as indicated in my review of that CD, meaning that you have roughly a 9 and 4 year preview/insight or history, when you get both CDs, into the growth of the wonderfully talented, current The Petersens Band (consisting of the 4 siblings as here + Emmett on the dobro and mom on the bass) that you may have discovered after coming across their amazing “COVID era” You Tube videos, done live and without an audience, that gave the current band their very well-deserved global following. I love this family of very special siblings (Katie, Ellen, Matt and Julianne), all of whom have wonderful and unique voices, but with an uncanny ability to harmonize as a family as on so many songs on this CD. Mom and Dad must be so very proud of them, their talents, and of their character. Some favorites of the 11 tracks on this CD are the lovely Fields of Gold featuring Julianne, Matt’s singing on California Cotton Fields, the amazing cover by Ellen of Patsy Kline’s She’s Got You, a really wonderful version of the title song Shenandoah featuring Katie, and of course there are the 3 love, or lack thereof as impossible as that may seem, songs related to Katie including the humorous The Ring Song, the heart wrenching California, and It’s Over. I have purchased these early CDs, as well as all of their other more recent content. The Petersens really are that good and their music is always worth repeated listening’s.

  2. Christopher Bayne

    Was driving home in my rented Nissan Murano and popped their cd in that I bought after their June 10th show in Branson. Made my 500+ mile trip back to Joliet, IL fly by. Excellent. It’s kinda dreamy, like Toto or Christopher Cross. In a bluegrass way.

  3. Yoshihiro TANABE

    Top3 music in the world.
    1st The Beatles
    2nd Tchaikovsky
    3rd The Petersens


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